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Domain Pricing

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Domain Register Renewal Transfer Requirements
.id IDR 180.000 IDR 180.000 IDR 180.000 Learn More IDR 10.000 IDR 10.000 IDR 10.000 Learn More IDR 270.000 IDR 270.000 IDR 270.000 Learn More IDR 55.000 IDR 55.000 IDR 55.000 Learn More IDR 55.000 IDR 55.000 IDR 55.000 Learn More IDR 55.000 IDR 55.000 IDR 55.000 Learn More IDR 55.000 IDR 55.000 IDR 55.000 Learn More IDR 45.000 IDR 45.000 IDR 45.000 Learn More
Domain Register Renewal Transfer
.com IDR 125.000
IDR 99.000
IDR 125.000 IDR 125.000
.net IDR 155.000 IDR 155.000 IDR 155.000
.org IDR 175.000 IDR 175.000 IDR 175.000
.info IDR 190.000 IDR 190.000 IDR 190.000
.vip IDR 185.000 IDR 185.000 IDR 185.000
.click IDR 145.000 IDR 145.000 IDR 145.000
.top IDR 125.000 IDR 125.000 IDR 125.000
.xyz IDR 174.000
IDR 16.500
IDR 174.000 IDR 174.000
.cyou IDR 81.400 IDR 81.400 IDR 81.400
.co IDR 400.000 IDR 400.000 IDR 400.000
.asia IDR 215.000 IDR 215.000 IDR 215.000
.site IDR 424.000
IDR 375000
IDR 424.000 IDR 424.000
.icu IDR 125.000 IDR 125.000 IDR 125.000
.space IDR 315.000
IDR 275000
IDR 315.000 IDR 315.000
.website IDR 315.000
IDR 275000
IDR 315.000 IDR 315.000 IDR 715.000 IDR 715.000 IDR 715.000
.io IDR 1.090.000 IDR 1.090.000 IDR 1.090.000
.pw IDR 300.000 IDR 300.000 IDR 300.000
.design IDR 75.000 IDR 75.000 IDR 75.000

Domain ID Premium IDCloudHost
Domain ID Premium IDCloudHost

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Domain Definition

Domain is a distinctive name that identifies the address of a website or blog so that it will make it easier for users to access a website address on the internet. Domain names are very important, especially for those of you who need a website for online business, personal portfolio, and others.

Types of Domains

The explanation of the general types of domains is as follows:

  1. The TLD domain is an international domain that is generally used by websites in the world. TLD domains such as: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .asia and others.
  2. The ccTLD (ID) domain is a (special) local domain for each country. In this case, Indonesia uses the .ID domain as its domain identity. Several variations of .ID Domain,, and others.

The Benefits of Owning a Domain

Several benefits of owning a domain:

  • As a brand for your website
  • Website looks more professional
  • Easy to remember by the users
  • Improving the SEO of your website in Search Engines
  • Can use email with your own domain name
  • Attracting others to advertise on your website

2-4 Characters .ID Domain

Anda membutuhkan Domain Murah dengan ektensi Anything.ID dengan 2 - 4 karakter ? Kami melayani pemesanan domain ID 2-4 karakter dengan harga domain yang Murah dan Terjangkau untuk Anda. Do you need a cheap Domain with 2-4 characters Anything.ID extension? We provide 2-4 characters .ID domain with an affordable price. Please send a request for a quote via the Request for Service page

Domain Management Panel

You can fully manage your Domain with an easy and simple control panel. We provide this panel free of charge for you.

Managed DNS Service

You can manage and create DNS records, and route them in accordance with your needs. It will make it easier for you to manage your Domain.

Privacy Protection

You can use the ID Protection feature to protect your Domain from spam and security risks that can threaten your identity.

DNSSEC support

Our services support the DNSSec feature which becomes the security standard for your domain from DNS Poisoning threats.

Domain Locking Protection

Domain locking is a protective measure by IDCloudhost for our customers. Our service protects your domain against phishing attacks and illegal domain name transfers by locking your domain nameservers.

CMS & Social Media Connect

Domain can be connected with Content Management System and Social Media to make it look more professional.

The tips and tricks for choosing a domain are as follows:

  1. Choose a Domain name that is easily remembered. We recommend you to use short and simple words when you choose a Domain name. It will help your website/blog visitors to find your website address easier.
  2. Keep the domain name short and do not combine numbers and symbols in your domain to prevent any confusion in spelling your domain name.
  3. Use a relevant domain name to optimize visitors from Indonesia. A good domain name can be the deciding factor that builds your brand.
  4. Use the right domain extension for you by choosing a domain name according to your needs, such as business, company, organization, personal blog, and others for your domain name.
  5. Secure your brand immediately. If you have a business, it is recommended to secure your domain name first.
  6. Do not use hyphens, numbers, and Non-Unicode characters for your domain name.
  7. If you want your data to be undetected in WHOIS, set the domain name with Privacy Registration using the ID Protection service.
  8. You should avoid using a free domain name. Free domains are not safe to use for creating a website for your business or projects. Not only do they look unprofessional, but there are also various risks. IDCloudHost provide a wide range of domain options, both international and local domains.
  9. Buy your Domain on a Trusted Registrant. IDCloudHost is your best choice with the best security and quality assurance to meet your needs.
  10. You should avoid a domain with tricky words. Not only do they look unprofessional, it doesn't accurately represent your brand that will cause confusion and negative views by visitors and search engines.

Cheap Domain in Indonesia

IDCloudhost offers cheap domain names with the most reliable service. With a cheap domain name, you get a good-quality address at a low price.
Before choosing your domain, make sure the main requirements that you need for your business or activities. Use a domain in accordance with your needs. For business website, you can use .com/ domain. For organization website, you can use .org/ domain, and other domains.

Email with a Domain

IDCloudHost’s Hosting plans provide unlimited email hosting services for your website which can be accessed via cPanel. You can create as many email accounts as you need, which depends on your storage options. We provide a reliable email hosting for your business needs.

Trusted Company

PT Cloud Hosting Indonesia with “IDCloudHost” as the trademark is one of the most trusted Web Hosting providers in Indonesia with more than 100,000 customers who have used our services.

Cheap and Complete Package

Cheap Domain services from IDCloudHost offers the cheapest and the most comprehensive price for your needs. There are various choices of TLD and ccTLD Domains that can be used for individual websites, organizations, companies, and other needs.

Instant and Easy Activation

We provide various payment methods that are safe, efficient, and easy to use. Your purchases will be activated automatically after the payment is complete.

24/7 Customer Support

Our team is available 24 hours daily to assist you with any enquiries. You can contact our Customer Service team via chat support or just send us a ticket.

Free Domain

Get a .com domain | .net | | | | | for FREE by purchasing a Business Pro, Elite Pro, Advance Pro Hosting plans. Simply buy a Domain and Hosting at the same time by choosing a payment method for at least 1 year. After you choose these options, the system will automatically provide a FREE domain when you make a payment.

Indonesia’s Domain Requirements

We have some amazing news for you! For those of you who use .ID domain, your domain will be automatically activated without any requirements. For other Indonesian Domains, you can submit some Indonesian Domain requirements for the activation process managed by PANDI. This process is easy and simple. For complete information about the Indonesian Domain requirements, please check the following page:

List of Cheap and Most Complete Domains in Indonesia

IDCloudhost is one of the Web Hosting Providers that provides Cheap Domain services and the most complete Domains in Indonesia. We are also one of the official registrars registered with PANDI as the official Registry in Indonesia. Therefore, we provide a cheaper price of Indonesian Domains compared with other hosting providers.

Domain is a name and identity that replaces the IP of a website so that it uses characters to be able to access a website. If your website was a house, then your domain name will be its address.

There are lots of domains that can be found at IDCloudhost, both TLD domains, such as low-cost .com, .net, .org, .info domains and other domains. We also have the most complete and cheapest Indonesian domain, such as cheap .id and domains for companies, cheap domain for organizations and foundations, and other domains for your website and application.

Complete and Easy to Use Features and Configurations

Buy and register your domain names with IDCloudhost. We provide the state-of-the-art technology. You can get free Domains by purchasing Cloud Hosting cPanel or Plesk Cloud Hosting with a minimum of Business Pro package with a wide range of Free Domain options, such as .com | .net | | | | | Our deal enables you to register a domain for free for one year at IDCloudhost.

There are a lot of features available on the IDCloudHost Domain Client Area Dashboard ranging from features with domain configuration capabilities, such as nameservers, creating unlimited sub domains and sub folders, and other benefits available on the IDCloudhost Domain panel. Currently, there are many options for cheap domains, both TLD and Indonesian domains, that can be used for your website.

Official Registrar PANDI as Indonesian Domain Name Registry

IDCloudhost is one of the Official Registrars registered at Pengelola Nama Domain Internet Indonesia (PANDI) as the official Registry of (.id) domain names and internet in Indonesia. PANDI was established by the Minister of Communication and Information Technology of the Republic of Indonesia as stipulated in Decree number 806 of 2014.

The missions of PANDI as the registry of domain names and internet in Indonesia are as follows:

  • Ensuring registry service and domain name system can be operated with stable, safe, trustable and following the International standards
  • Increasing.ID domain name amount use to become host in Indonesia and champion in ASEAN level
  • Developing Indonesian domain name governance management by involving public, and government transparency and accountable
  • Taking an active role global community for development of global internet governance
  • Taking an active role in technology development, research and innovation related to the internet

Cheap and Complete Indonesian Domains at IDCloudhost

Get the cheapest Indonesian Domains with IDCloudhost. If you want a Premium .ID Domain with 2–4-characters, you can always count on IDCloudhost to offer competitive pricing on special Premium .ID Domain. The Indonesian domain is a domain with an Indonesian Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) ending in *.ID in Domain Extension.

Currently, there are more than 400,000 domains that have been registered at PANDI, and more than thousands of Indonesian domains that have been registered through IDCloudhost. We provide Indonesian domain with easy and simple process. For some Indonesian domains, there are several requirements to be activated, such as .SCH.ID for the school website, .OR.ID for the organization/foundation/community Website, .CO.ID for the Company website or online business that already has the legal legality of the Ministry of Law and the Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia in Indonesia, and other Indonesian domains that can be registered easily and quickly with a DNS propagation process in less than 24 hours.

.ID Domain registration can be done by including the requirements and documents requested. Currently, the Indonesian domain can also be purchased by foreigners by including a document in the form of a passport.

Secure Your Brand Domain Names

Picking the right domain name is one of the most important things you do for your website. Your domain name will communicate important information to both human visitors and search engine. It defines your brand. Domain has a limited character and availability. Most people end up not having their ideal domain because it has already been taken by someone else.

That’s why you should secure your brand domain right away. We recommend you to register and buy your Domain with IDCloudhost. Make sure you choose a domain name that is easy to remember, and also choose a domain extension that matches your business field. You can choose an International domain or an Indonesian domain for your business. We suggest you to choose an Indonesian Domain that has clear and definite advantages for businesses targeting clients in Indonesia.

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