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About Indonesia Private Cloud Server

IDCloudhost's Private Cloud Service is the first Full Cloud service in Indonesia that provide easy access to launch a Full Cloud server. This service can be upgraded in accordance with your server growth with the support of a user friendly, practical and flexible Control Panel, and the assistance of our reliable and experienced technical team.


Our Services

We provide various services and tools that are best suited to your IT needs.

Layanan Virtual Server Console IDCloudhost

Virtual Server

Virtual Machines Service allows you to simplify the Setup (Installation and Setup), Change of Resources, Servers and Networks monitoring, as well as creating Backups and Restores with easy and quick process.


Layanan Virtual Server Console IDCloudhost

Storage Vault

S3 Storage Vault can be used as an object storage at an affordable price for file management, Back-up/Restore, and Archives practically.


Layanan Virtual Server Console IDCloudhost

Docker Containers

Docker containers as Managed Service offer a more effective and more efficient method in developing services to provide a faster and more practical service at an affordable price.


Layanan Virtual Server Console IDCloudhost


This Private Cloud service has been integrated with various applications, tools, and features in order to create more solutions and ready-to-use options for server requirements easily and practically.


Product Pricing

We provide affordable products and services with a clear scheme. You only need to pay after using our services, and only for the resources you actively use (one hour precision).



save up to $181.2*

*Where a direct comparison plan is not available, lowest and closest plan specification with total transfer 3 TB price shown, while ours is unlimited

IDR 50.000 /month

save up to $181.2*

*Where a direct comparison plan is not available, lowest and closest plan specification with total transfer 3 TB price shown, while ours is unlimited

Private Server

The Virtual Machine service has its own private server, which means that it doesn't use a shared server, and can be used as needed.

Virtual Console & SSH Key

Virtual console access can be used on a different path for Virtual Server access, as well as creating a VM with SSH Keys.

Plain and Simple Pricing

We use a "Pay-as-you-go" system which allows you to calculate the price in accordance with your server needs and usage.

Built-in Monitors

Each VM system is equipped with simple monitoring that can be viewed with a display and an overview that are easy to understand.

Snapshots dan Backup Tools

The system is supported with a backup feature that is able to improve the data security. Support for Snapshots feature can copy entire VM before the updates.

Flexible Change Resources

The system allows to change the resources (vCPU, RAM, DISK) as needed, and the payment in accordance with the used resources.

Local Network

IDCloudhost Private Server uses Indonesia Data Center (Local Data Center) which allows users to develop more complex & secure IT solutions.

Static IP-address

Each machine on IDCloudhost's Private Cloud has its own public IP address. Public IP address can easily be deleted, stored, or changed.

Indonesia Data Center

The database server is stored at a local data center in Indonesia, guaranteeing the protection of data and information security.

Backups and Archiving

Providing the best solution for storing Backup & Archive files with lower cost, secure, and built-in redundancy solutions.

No Data Corruption

The files in the StorageVault are not rewritten. You are able to add new files and existing versions, or upload new files while saving the existing file.

Good for Huge (Big) Data

StorageVault allows users to use multiple streams feature, which can increase the ability to transfer data faster and more secure.

Easy to Use & Setup

StorageVault can connect with any application that supports API. Creating a bucket in StorageVault is easy and fast.

Complete Solutions

We offer services that are not only for storing data but also for building complete IT solutions, such as file management, archiving, backup, etc.

Scales Automatically

StorageVault buckets are not defined by size. When you add data, StorageVault buckets will automatically & practically grow.

Unstructured Data

Data is an object storage using meta tags that allow users to filter files according to user needs.

Smaller Costs on Backups

By using the docker containers feature, we no longer need to create backups at the Operating System level and it comes with an affordable price.

Easy Migration

Docker containers are easy to migrate from site to site by default. No redundant dependencies, and everything can be moved at once.

Simple to Update

Using the docker containers feature, you can operate new containers with an update as well as cleaning and killing the existing containers.

Higher Security & Faster

Containers are well insulated, and can be easily switched off and on at any time. Ten times faster speed than other WMs.

Low Cost and Cheap

Docker containers services are designed differently and take less resources which makes the pricing is more affordable than others.

Fast to Reset & Restart

If something goes wrong the containers, they can be thrown away and then you can simply restore the older version easily and quickly.

Full API Support

Private Cloud API allows you to create, request, modify, start, delete, and stop, which is easy and practical to use.

Straight from JSON

Private Cloud IDCloudhost allows you to start containers using the JSON format practically and safely as needed.

IT Consultion

Helping you to find your architectural solutions, select the right components, and analyze resource usage to make customization in accordance with your needs.

Environment Migration

We design solutions, set up environments for applications and websites, services, and application migration on the IDCloudhost Private Cloud Services platform.

Maintenance Support

We perform regular checks, updates, security fixes, and changes to all configurations to keep the VM under control.

System Monitoring

Our Support Team has the capability to perform continuous system monitoring, suggestions for optimization, and regular log checks for better system performance.

You can apply for these additional services by sending a Ticket or Request for an offer to the IDCloudhost team at the following link :
In addition to providing Private Cloud Server services for your needs, we also have several other server options that are comparable to your application server and website needs.

Low-Cost VPS Server

VPS Server with an excellent performance and multifunctional technology that can be installed on all Operating Systems. Low-Cost and Affordable Price with Large Specifications.

Dedicated Server

IDCloudhost provides servers that are located at data centers in Indonesia for more guaranteed traffic and larger resource adjusted to your needs.


Questions about Indonesia Private Cloud Services

Why Choose a Private Cloud Server?

Private Cloud service is a special service with private use and more secure for companies and startups. We recommend this Private Cloud service for those of you who are concerned and prioritize data and information security on your application server and website.

In addition, this private cloud server is focused on your needs, where you can configure it according to your needs. IDCloudhost Private Cloud Service also includes DDoS Protection and Snapshot Technology, which are able to increase the server security and resilience.

How do I calculate my Private Cloud service bill?

Private Cloud Server service in your account is subject to fee on an hourly basis up to the monthly rate limit. The hourly rate is determined by dividing the monthly rate by 672 hours (28 days). If your server is online for more than 672 hours in a calendar month, you will only be billed the monthly rate. Accumulated costs are charged to your account on the first day of each month.

One characteristic that separate IDCloudhost to other competitors is that we will never charge additional fees for incoming or outgoing transfers at your Virtual Machine/Private Server (No Extra Fees for Transfer).

What services and OS are available on IDCloudhost Private Cloud?

There are several service options that can be utilized on the IDCloudhost Private Cloud portal, including a Virtual Machine with a choice of several operating systems such as Linux, Microsoft Server, and others. Besides, Storage Vault service and Docker Containers can be used as well. In addition, IDCloudhost provides additional services to manage your Private Cloud, namely IT Consultant, Environment Migration, Maintenance Support, and System Monitoring.

What is Root Access, and does it available in Private Cloud?

The root is the user name or account that by default has access to all commands and files on a Linux or other Unix-like operating system. Therefore, we can customize and configure anything on the system with the root user. One of the advantages of IDCloudhost Private Server is the easy access to Root Access. For more information, please check the guide “How to enter as root access to IDCloudhost Private Cloud Server”.

Is there any additional charge for terminated instances?

A stopped or terminated instance does not incur charges, but all of the resources that are attached to the instance continue to incur charges. A stopped instance retains its persistent disks and its internal IPs. You can stop an instance temporarily if you no longer need it and restart it at a later time.

Which payment methods are available?

IDCloudhost provides a wide selection of payment methods ranging from bank transfers, digital payments (Bank, GOPAY, ShopeePAY, OVO), and other payment methods, such as payment at Alfamart and Indomaret, Paypal, credit cards, etc. Our Private Cloud service applies the concept of paying top up balances in advance in the Client Area of ​​the Private Cloud Service to be able to use the service. Balance that has been topped up cannot be returned or refunded.

Can I request a Tax Invoice for this service?

Yes, you can request a tax invoice from a transaction at IDCloudHost by sending us a copy of NPWP and PKP. For more information regarding tax invoice requests, please check this page: "IDCloudHost Service Tax Invoice Request".

The First Private Cloud with the Concept of Scale up As You Grow

IDCloudhost is the first Cloud Hosting and Cloud Infrastructure provider in Indonesia that utilize Full Cloud service and promote the concept of Scale up as You Grow to make it more flexible and easier in estimating server service usage for your application and website server needs. IDCloudhost’s Indonesia Private Cloud Service is designed for the needs of a Private Server that ensures data security. It is a Server with a Full Cloud concept which means that it fully uses the Cloud technology. In addition, the payment system of our service is flexible and adjusted to your choices. You can upgrade and downgrade to your subscriptions plan without any difficulties.

Private Cloud is a private service solution for companies and startups

Private Cloud Indonesia is a solution for your Hosting and VPS server, specifically for Enterprise Cloud. Enterprise Cloud pulls a combination of characteristics from both the public and private cloud, which allows it to adapt to the needs of the business, including companies and startups that requires a flexible and agile infrastructure for large traffic on application and website. Using this private cloud, the companies are having the grasp of owning their own data centers where all the data will be safe and secure with limited access and more privacy compared with other cloud services. In addition, Private Cloud Indonesia allows you to have full control over all of your servers and in this case, you will get admin/root access. Therefore, you will have more choice to be able to configure company servers and startups as needed. Interestingly, this service has a Scale up as you Grow payment feature, which means you only need to pay for the service in accordance with the usage.

Should you choose Private Cloud or Public Cloud for Your Company Server?

It depends on your needs. Private Cloud is a solution for servers of company/startup that require a private service. The server you use on your Private Cloud/Private Server is for private use. Therefore, you can freely make any settings and configurations adjusted to keep your server in the best possible way.

Private Cloud is different with the Public Cloud, which utilize sharing resources available to public. Public Cloud is being used simultaneously with other people, so if one user has a problem, then you will indirectly be affected. On the one hand, the advantage of using Public Cloud is that the easy configuration as the server can instantly be used with the available features and tools. One of the weaknesses of Public Cloud is that the security is not as secure as the Private Cloud’s.

The benefits of Private Cloud are safer and more privacy for companies

Data and information are the most valuable assets you have on your company and startup. Private Cloud is the best option for companies and startups. Private cloud can be developed to meet an organization’s requirements with better security and data protection. A Private Cloud offers flexibility, cost savings, security, and control benefits that is suitable for various industries. You can get a Private Cloud Server service at an affordable price compared with other providers. Furthermore, we use a local data center which will further guarantee and protect your privacy and data if a problem occurs.

Affordable Private Cloud Server in Indonesia

The Private Cloud server service from IDCloudhost is one of the most affordable and inexpensive Private Cloud services in Indonesia. We will provide a significantly simpler and faster experience. You can create a payment calculation from the beginning with a flexible order system from IDCloudhost, so that you will be able to upgrade and downgrade in real-time.

With this Private Cloud service from IDCloudhost, you can avoid any worry of the large traffic and downtime. IDCloudhost’s Indonesia Private Cloud Service guarantees a 99.99% SLA for server uptime. Besides, our support team is experienced in their respective field to assist our customers to respond to their needs. This Private Cloud Service will also reduce business complexity and allow you to focus on your core products and services.

Why Choose IDCloudHost


PT Cloud Hosting Indonesia is the best Web Hosting & cloud Infrastructure in Indonesia with more than 90,000 subscribers and trusted by various large companies and governments.


IDCloudHost Data Centers are located at several Data Center buildings across Indonesia which have the best guarantee and certification to store your server on IDCloudHost services.


Our support team provides assistance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our team consists of highly skilled experts in their respective fields with international certifications to assist all of our customers to respond to their needs.


We guarantee and protect your data privacy and security by using the latest and finest technologies. We can guarantee all the data and information security that you store in the Data Center and IDCloudhost servers.


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