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Reseller Domain

Do you need an affordable price on a domain reseller? 
We are ready to provide full access control domain with the domain manager who will help you.
TLD Basic Bussiness Advance
.com Rp. 131.000 Rp. 130.000 Rp. 129.000
.net Rp. 144.000 Rp. 143.000 Rp. 142.000
.asia Rp. 177.000 Rp. 176.000 Rp. 175.000
.us Rp. 114.000 Rp. 113.000 Rp. 112.000
.in Rp. 201.000 Rp. 200.000 Rp. 199.000
.org Rp. 165.000 Rp. 164.000 Rp. 163.000
.name Rp. 130.000 Rp. 129.000 Rp. 128.000
.tv Rp. 400.000 Rp. 399.000 Rp. 398.000
.info Rp. 187.000 Rp. 186.000 Rp. 185.000
.co Rp. 391.000 Rp. 390.000 Rp. 389.000
.biz Rp. 147.000 Rp. 146.000 Rp. 145.000

Confused How to Order Service?

Our Team Support work 24/7 is ready to help and guide you to become a Reseller Domain in IDCloudHost

Want to Become a Reseller Hosting?

IDCloudHost also provides the facility to become a Reseller Hosting for you. Be part of the exceptional collaboration with Us!

Knowledge Base

[IMPORTANT] What Must you Do After Registration ?

Having to Register if you want of activation, please make a payment through the account IDCloudHost:

  • Bank Mandiri
    A/n: Rof'ul Zamal Santosa
  • Bank BCA
    A/n: Rof'ul Zamal Santosa

How Do I Login If I Had Become a TLD Domain Reseller?

If you are already a reseller, please click of button Login here.

How Do I Add Domains Deposit?

To add a deposit please click the login, then select Add Funds.

What is the Advantage Obtained Become Reseller Domain IDCloudHost?

  • The price includes DNS Service, Email Forwarding and Domain Forwarding
  • Total receipts are the total funds that have been paid
  • Prices are subject to change at any time.

What is the difference between the Basic Package, Business and Advance Package?

The difference is based on total deposit that you make :

  • Basic : Rp 100.000 Initial Deposit/Total Receipts
  • Business : Rp 1.000.000 Initial Deposit/Total Receipts
  • Advance : Rp 3.000.000 Initial Deposit/Total Receipts

Note: The advantage of being a reseller domain is the domain price is cheaper than the normal price

What Features are Obtained by a Domain Reseller in IDCloudHost?

  • Can create sub-resellers,
  • Adopting various features in the Control Panel domain,
  • Easy to use,
  • Supports integration with WHMCS,
  • The price for a cheap domain reseller, etc.

How Much for The Domain Extension (renewal domain)?

Domain renewal price equal to the price of registration.

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