Kubernetes Community Days & OpenInfra Days Indonesia 2022

Overview Event

Kubernetes Community Days Indonesia 2022 is a community-organized tech conference under Cloud Native Computing Foundation that gathers adopters and technologists from open source and cloud native communities to learn, collaborate, and network to further advancement in Kubernetes and the cloud-native ecosystem in Indonesia. This is a continuation of Kubernetes Community Days 2021 where we had the largest community-run online conference in the world at that time, with around 1,300 participants, 40 speakers, and 5 sponsors.

OpenInfra Days is a conference organized by Open Infrastructure User Group around the world. And focused on Open Infrastructure Projects and any related topics. The Indonesia OpenInfra Days bring together users, businesses, developers, and operations from various organizations to discuss the open infrastructure that utilizes open source software and hardware. This is a continuation of our regular conference Indonesia Open Infra Days.


IDCloudHost Booth

IDcloudhost will be present to participate as GOLD Sponsor and open a Booth at this big event, we will introduce the Kubernetes service that is already available on the IDCloudHost service. Get various attractive offers and accurate information about Kubernetes services at the IDCloudhost booth at the Kubernetes Community Days & OpenInfra Days Indonesia 2022 event


Registration (Closed)

We invite you academics, professionals, businesses, activists, and the entire cloud native and open infrastructure community to participate in Kubernetes Community Days & OpenInfra Days Indonesia 2022. There are 3 types of tickets:

  • In-Person (Merchandise) (IDR 150.000): In-person seats, Merchandise, Access to all talks & workshop, Networking sessions, lunch for 2 days, and snacks.
  • In-Person (Regular) (IDR 75.000): In-person seats, Access to all talks & workshop, Networking sessions, lunch for 2 days, and snacks.
  • Virtual: Access to keynotes & sponsor talks.

Thank you for registering. We hope to see you at our event. Please kindly check your email!


Code of Conduct

We are committed to making the participation of all those involved in this event an experience free from harassment of any kind. Kubernetes Community Days are governed by the Linux Foundation Code of Conduct available at events.linuxfoundation.org/code-of-conduct.


COVID-19 Requirements

Attendees in-person must commit to strictly complying with all applicable local health regulations, as well as all venue and conference health and safety requirements. The specific requirements may vary and will be communicated prior to and during the conference. Attendees’ obligations include without limitation, complying with all requirements prior to attending the event (such as confirming vaccination status and/or test result status) as well as the event’s safety procedures while at the conference (which may include wearing masks, socially distancing, and avoiding contact if you begin to feel unwell).

If an attendee fails to comply with any COVID-19 health and safety requirement, the organizers may take appropriate corrective action, which could include immediate removal from the conference and venue without a refund.



More Information About Event Check this Website : Kubernetes Day 2022


Informasi Event

Tanggal & waktu

Nov 26, 2022 08:00:00


Smesco Convention Hall - Sme Tower, Gedung Smeco

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