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Term of Service


Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policies ("Terms of Service") is an important thing in your relationship with IDCloudHost. By using the IDCloudHost service, you agree to all terms and policies of service (Terms of Service) listed on this document.

The service is provided to individuals or authorized organizations (in this document referred as "customers" (subscriber) or "you"). By using the IDCloudHost Service, you agree to comply with the entire Terms of Service. If you do not agree to abide the Terms of Service, you are required to cancel your account immediately and may not use or attempt to use IDCloudHost services.

User and customer which service provided by IDCloudHost must accept the terms of Service set out below:

  1. You will guarantee and keep us secure and does not harm us from and against any violation you claim submitted to us by third parties as a result of the provision of services to you by us and your use of the service.
  2. If you violate a Terms of Service and you can not fix it within seven (7) days after written notice from us who sets offense, we may terminate this agreement immediately.
  3. If you are a company and fall into a condition of liquidation because of the bankruptcy, or obtaining the appointment from an administrator or administrative receiver to enter the conditions for voluntary plan with Your creditors, we reserve the right to terminate this agreement immediately.
  4. On termination or suspension of this service agreement, we reserve the right to immediately block your web site and delete all the data in it. We reserve the right to delete data, but overall we can, based on our discretion, save that data for a specific time period as we may decide, to reassemble the data at your expense, depending on the full payable amount that can be paid to us.

General Policy

Scope - If you are an individual customer, these Terms of Service binds all persons who gain access through your account. If you are a commercial customer, these Terms of Service apply to all employees, agents, and / or customer. In other words, a violation of the Terms of Service by someone using your account will be considered a breach by you.

Period - This service is available to you as long as you want to use it, however we reserve the right to discontinue service if you use them in a way that violates the terms of use.

Backup - We store backup periodically 4 times a week in 1 month period of the last file, you have an obligation and full responsibility to do full backups web data periodically. IDCloudHost released on claims for compensation for loss or damages arising. You are fully responsible for the transfer and management of data and files to your account. IDCloudhost do backup for internal purposes, if you need a backup file you can send a request via ticket.


  1. You are fully responsible for service of your own use. In addition to the information, products, or services provided by IDCloudHost, either IDCloudHost or its affiliates do not control, do not provide, not running, or in any way not responsible for all information, products, or services accessible through the service. IDCloudHost does not support nor is responsible for the accuracy of the content of any third party, and you agree that IDCloudHost shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by your use of trust of such content. You have a responsibility to information or content which you post to site or newsgroups on the internet, including but not limited to posting to web sites either located in IDCloudHost equipment or not, posting to newsgroups, and participation in any online chat session. You agree to bear the losses and maintainIDCloudHost and all of its employees, and customer and other customers against any claims, losses, costs, liabilities, damages, or expenses arising from your posting.
  2. Continuing the specific identification of the allegedly infringing content on IDCloudHost site location where the content was found. After receiveng written notice, IDCloudHost will immediately remove or block access to the allegedly infringing content and give notice to the person posting of such content. If IDCloudHost received a notice from the person indicating that complaints of violations occurred because of a mistake or misidentification, then IDCloudHost will send you a copy of such notice. Unless you notify IDCloudHost of the appropriate court action to restrain infringement allegations, then the content will be restored or by policy, can be accessed again.
  3. You agree that, if you use the service to send or receive voice communications, IDCloudHost does not act as a telecommunications courier company or telephone company, so there is no representation is made regarding the suitability of the IDCloudHost Service for the use of the voice, and all risk of connection, transmission quality, and accuracy of communication is solely your responsibility, and that IDCloudHost is not liable for any form of failure or lack of use of the service quality
  4. You agree to be responsible for any damages or loss of service that harm IDCloudHost as a result of spamming or other violations. These damage include, but not limited to, system shutdown, counterattacks or data flooding, and the loss of peering arrangement. You agree that IDCloudHost can make a claim against you in court.


  1. All services provided by IDCloudHost used for lawful purposes.
  2. All the content or links that contain controversial content, explicit sexual content, or other content that may be offensive to you or to users that are becoming your responsibility.
  3. All the content or links that violate the law are not allowed, including copyright infringement, trademark, SARA, and pornography.
  4. All content that could interfere with the performance of the server IDCloudHost is not allowed.
  5. Any script in the form of phishing will immediately terminated.
  6. Any activity that is unlawful or detrimental to third parties who use IDCloudHost facilities outside responsibility of IDCloudHost.
  7. If you break the rules, IDCloudHost reserves the right to close the service unilaterally.
  8. IDCloudHost is not responsible for and released for any loss or damage to data customers.
  9. Examples of prohibited content or links
    • IRC Bots
    • Warez Sites
    • Pirated Software
    • SARA Site
    • Hacking sites and archives
    • Emulators/ROMS
    • Realtime chat application.
    • Scripts that require large memory that disrupts the whole server performance
  10. IDCloudHost is not responsible for the content settings, and you shall be responsible for the use of available software filters (screening software) or another method to restrict access especially access to minors) for content that you might approve less.

Email and Spam

  1. IDCloudHost is not responsible for emails that can cause resentment, emails sent repeatedly (mail bombs) and spam.
  2. IDCloudHost not tolerate emails that can cause resentment, emails sent repeatedly (mail bombs) and spam.
  3. IDCloudHost will take action to close or disable a customer's account is proved to have violated as above unilaterally.
  4. IDCloudHost does not recommend Shared Hosting Account is used as and Mail Hosting and accessible in large numbers, because it will burden load server. If you want to use the Mail to the maximum IDCloudHost recommend using Google Apps or use special Mail Hosting.


  1. IDCloudHost is not responsible for the services identified fraud
  2. IDCloudHost not tolerate services that identified fraud
  3. IDCloudHost will take action to close or disable customer’s account who are convicted of offenses in violation of applicable law in Indonesia

Use of Resources

  1. Prohibited uses 20% of server resources more than 90 seconds. Causes include; CGI scripts, FTP, HTTP, and others.
  2. Prohibited from running bit torrent.
  3. Applications script that should not be run on the IDCloudHost server :
    • Anonymizer
    • CGI/Perl version of YABB
    • Chat room/IRC scripts
    • FormMail (versions prior to 1.91)
    • Ikonboard
    • Proxy scripts
    • phpShell and script that uses command execution
    • PsyBNC, Eggdrop, mailbom, etc
    • Telnet Scripts
    • UltimateBBS
    • Search Engine, MP3 Search Engine
    • Script Auto posting lsuch as WP Robot etc
    • WordPress plugins such as STT2
    • Classifieds Ads Website
  4. If IDCloudHost find any violations of the use of resources, IDCloudHost will disable customer's account without notice unilaterally.

Data Traffic

  1. IDCloudHost provides traffic data in accordance with predetermined boundaries. If you have been using data traffic exceeded a predertemined boundaries then your account will be disabled and you will be prompted to upgrade to a higher hosting package.
  2. Data traffic in IDCloudHost is not accumulated.
  3. IDCloudHost is not responsible for and acquitted of claims for compensation for any errors or slow data transmission traffic data.


We store backups periodically 4 times a week 1 month period of the last file, you have an obligation and full responsibility to do full backups web data periodically. IDCloudHost released on claims for compensation for loss or damages arising. You are fully responsible for the transfer and management of data and files your account. IDCloudhost do  backup for internal purposes, if you need a backup file you can send a request via ticket.

Reasons for Suspension and Termination

You agree to comply with these Terms of Service. Any violation, both the Terms of Service or other rules: rules and policies below, may be the reason IDCloudHost suspend or terminate your account. You agree IDCloudHost has the right, with or without notice, suspend or terminate your account after the first or subsequent occurrence of any of the following:

  1. Using the service in a way that is against the regulations, laws, court orders, tariffs, regulations or agreements (including, but not limited to, intellectual property, communications, privacy, criminal and international law).
  2. Using the Services in a manner intended to abuse or violate the privacy or property rights of others.
  3. Involved in the harassment, whether through language, frequency, or size of messages, either by email or site's content.
  4. Assist directly or indirectly in disseminating material that is copyrighted illegally.
  5. Using the Service in an attempt to penetrate the security, or to break into any computer network security (including the Service itself), or to access an account, message, or files which does not belong to you.
  6. Using the services in a such a way to falsify or represent the header, address, or other ID in e-mail or website, or using other means to disguise the sender's identity or location. This includes application hosting the proxy server.
  7. Upload, link to, or store warez, crack, pirated software or other.
  8. Providing false contact details or incomplete, including name, postal address, and phone number.
  9. Use the service to run server programs, including but not limited to, IRC server, mail server, game server, FTP server, Web server, or audio/video streaming server.
  10. Use the service for mail bombing, including cases where multiple messages are sent to a destination with certain objective with the aim of making the recipient and/or the electronic system recipient experiencing interference.
  11. Using the service to add or attempt to add addresses to any mailing list (yours or a third party) without clear permission from the owner of the address.
  12. Try to cancel, supersede, or interfere an email that is not your own.
  13. Using the service for unauthorized relays through any third-party systems.
  14. Try, in any way, interfere with or deny service to users or hosts on the internet.
  15. Do a chargeback on every transaction that has already passed or at present time will cause delays in your account, until resolved. If Chargeback occur, we reserve the right to delete your account without considering the future business.
  16. Excessive use of the service in a way that limits the available bandwidth to others.
  17. Use the service to carry out a flooding attack, which is defined as the excess load on the recipient’s computer system by sending a large amounts of false data that disrupt or disable the recipient system functions, or by using another denial of service attack.
  18. Providing false information on your registration form, contract, or online application, including providing stolen credit card or other payment information.
  19. There is no bill credit given within the period of the suspension. In the case of termination of your use of the service, IDCloudHost with at its discretion may retain any amounts you paid for the use of the service as a cover damage to your actions.
  20. Security - You agree not to access or attempt to access the privacy service area. You agree to notify IDCloudHost so you are aware of any unauthorized use of your account and / or a violation or attempted violation of the security services.
  21. Intellectual Property - IDCloudHost has no obligation to check or preview the message, file, or other content, which may are accessible through, pass through or are in service. Complaints regarding alleged copyright infringement may be sent to [email protected].
  22. IDCloudHost Server will do automatic suspended on Detected Virus Hosting account, IDCloudHost need to do this to maintain security on the server.
  23. If IDCloudhost’s Anti-Virus detects Virus like PHPSHELL, Trojan, PHP.HIDE, Heuristic.HTML.Dropper etc., it will automatically suspended with Virus Detected Reason.
  24. Related to serious or repeated service policy violations, including doing DDOS, port scanning, sniffing, and exploit the system, botnet / trojan, and other hacking / cracking activities IDCloudHost party are entitled to Terminate the service in question by giving prior warning to the customer.
  25. Use and display services for activities such as gambling, betting, others also apply both in relation to the content and reference links that display the site.

Suspended/Unsuspended Provisions

IDCloudHost party will perform account suspended if you violate the Terms of Service and IDCloudHost will not give prior notice after IDCloudHost perform suspended. IDCloudHost will do unsuspended if you have been willing to follow orders / rules that IDCloudHost provide.

  1. IDCloudHost will do unsuspended if you send a Ticket to IDCloudHost and IDCloudhost will inform you how to handle.
  2. Hosting Account experiencing deface Site will be suspended just in case the script is used for hacking action on the respective hosting accounts.
  3. The service will be automatically suspended if there is delay in payment after 1 day
  4. The service will automatically delete the data on service if the delay had passed 40 days
  5. Services that have been suspended due to late payments cannot be activated for any reason unless the user makes a payment extension

Only Temporarily Suspended Until you confirm to IDCloudHost via Ticket and No limit for unsuspended (Not Applicable Rights unsuspended total of 3 times).

Tutorial: How to unsuspend Service at IDCloudHost

Privacy Policy

IDCloudHost party will maintain the privacy of your data by not giving your name, address, telephone number, email address, or other personal information of customers to any third party without prior consent of the customer concerned, or as required in the appropriate court or administrative instructions, including a formal subpoena, or as needed to apply for the service. Except when there is a request from the authorities asking for your account information for the purposes of investigation, legal proceeding or law violation ITE.


You agree that any dispute between you and IDCloudHost that arise due to the use of the service in any way based on the bond with you as a customer, and / or use of services that can not be resolved between you and IDCloudHost, will be registered by the injured party to binding arbitration under Indonesian law shade.

Applicable law

Services available on this site are subject to the regulations prevailing in Indonesia.

Customer Service Provision

Customer Support team works 24/7 to help you to meet your needs, you can contact IDCloudHost Customer Support team via Chat available on the website or via email [email protected]

Ticket Conditions

  1. Support team will respond based on the ticket queue, so if you reply to a ticket that will go to last queue.
  2. Generally our team will respond within one hour after receiving your email during work hours.

Service Policy

Domain Policy

  1. We do not have a representation that the domain name you wish to register can be registered by you or for you or listed on your behalf. You should not assume that the domain name you requested is already registered until you are notified later.
  2. Registration and use of your domain name is subject to the Terms of Service of use applied by naming competent authorities; ICANN for International TLDS and PANDI for TLD Indonesia.  You are not entitled to make a claim against us related to the refusal of domain registration names. All administrative fees that you pay to register your desired name can not be refundable despite the refusal from the naming authority.
  3. We are not responsible for any use of a domain name by you; any dispute between you and the other person must be resolved between the parties concerned in the issue. If such problems arise, we reserve the right, upon consideration and without giving any reason, to withhold, suspend, or cancel the domain name. We also reserve the right to make representations to the authority for naming authorities, but will not be required to take part in the dispute.
  4. We will not release the domain to another provider unless full payment for the domain we have not received. All fees you can pay for the service must be in accordance with the scale of charges and rates published from time to time on our site, and will be due and payable in advance of our service provision.

VPS Server Policy

  2. VPS will suspend when it comes to maturity on payment
  3. For VPS extension that has been in Suspend (due to late payment) will be fined 10% of the price of the set.
  4. Five days after the suspension when no notice (ticket) will be terminated without prior confirmation
  5. IDCloudHost does not allow VPS for illegal actions, for example: DDOS, hacking tools, pornography, gambling websites, online prostitution, human trafficking and others.
  6. VPS Server services are not allowed to be used as VPN (Virtual Private Network) servers or Forward Proxy Servers. We will detect GRE, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, OpenVPN, and other VPN protocols that have the potential to drain bandwidth resources and automatically limit the connection which results in slow VPS server access.
  7. Any violation report of point 5th & point 6th will soon be process by IDCloudHost. Actions that IDCloudhost will provide, these are, service suspension or the elimination of service permanently.
  8. VPS is already in terminated can not be refunded.
  9. Have entered maturity but still want to keep alive the VPS? Please send us a ticket and explain in detail, we can certainly consider it.

VPS WHM Policy

  1. Setup time for WHM VPS service takes a maximum of 2 x 24 hours.

Dedicated Server Policy

  1. Dedicated servers service activation Max 5 x 24 hours

Reseller Program Policy

  1. Resellers can use the website for personal use or for sale to their respective clients.
  2. IDCloudhost entitles unsuspend for 3 times, and IDCloudhost always include reasons when suspending an account.
  3. Please participate in maintaining the stability of the server to remind the client to always comply with the TOS.
  4. If within 5 days does not pay after the grace period, we reserve the right to do terminated. If you want to ask for an extension of time should be communicated through the ticket.

Use of Resources

Users are not permitted to:

  1. Using 10% or more of the system for more than 60 seconds. There are many activities that can cause various problems, including: CGI scripts, FTP, PHP, HTTP, etc.
  2. Running real-time interactive chat applications that require any server resources. The service hosted remotely (remote host) is allowed.
  3. Running processes on the server side stand-alone unattended at any time. This includes any daemons, such as IRCD.
  4. Run any software interface with an IRC network (Internet Relay Chat)
  5. Running any bit torrent application, tracker, or client.
  6. Participate in the activities of file-sharing / peer to peer.
  7. Run a game server such as Counter Strike, Half-Life, Battelfield1492, and so forth.
  8. Run cron entries with intervals of less than 5 minutes.

Free Service

  1. IDCloudHost provides free domain consists of domains .com, .net,.,.,.,.,. for FREE with the purchase of a particular Hosting package for a period of 1 year.
  2. The minimum period of 12 months hosting, after that you are free to transfer your domain to another host you want. Domain cannot be transferred to other clients in this time period.
  3. Domain extension will be done annually at a cost of renewal domain will be borne from the domain in IDcloudHost subscription fees.
  4. IDCloudHost provides Free SSL service with Let's Encrypt features that already integrated in CPANEL Hosting services.
  5. Use of Let's Encrypt service can be used an unlimited number of websites, domains or subdomains (unlimited SSL).


Affiliates may not obscure, hide, or change affiliates link. These links should be used as displayed on client area. You are not allowed to spam or advertising in areas or parts of the site that violated the rules of the site displays.

We do not allow affiliate links placed on websites that violate the laws of Republic of Indonesia (pornographic sites, gambling, etc.). Affiliate links should not be used to order IDCloudHost service with your own account (the same account). Violation of this provision will result in the affiliate’s account is closed unilaterally without without giving commission already accumulated.

Payment Policy

Payment Policies and Fees

  1. As soon as the payment is successful, you will receive an invoice automatically from our system. Please print a copy and keep it in a safe place for reference in the future.
  2. Payment service fees made through bank transfer that has been provided by IDCloudHost the price listed on the invoice.
  3. Full payment must be made before IDCloudHost provide services including extension service. All notices of the due date will be sent via IDCloudhost email. No bills or invoices sent by mail or fax.
  4. Billing will continue until you decide to stop. You have the right to decide to stop at any time. IDCloudHost does not give refunds for services that have been used.
  5. Without prejudice to IDCloudHost rights and solutions based on this Agreement, if a bill is not paid or before maturity or if payment is not received until 1 day after payment confirmation, we reserve the right to immediately suspend the provision of services to you.
  6. If you can not pay the bills when due, we may suspend the services and / or terminate this agreement immediately without notice to you.
  7. If the cancellation is done by IDCloudHost concerning violations of the policy then there is no refund. IDCloudHost will consider to give discounted refund upon cancellation if it is not your fault.
  8. Additional amenities can be added at any time.
  9. IDCloudHost reserves the right to change prices and hosting facilities without prior notice.
  10. All orders are sent electronically via email. If you have questions about an order please contact us at [email protected], IDCloudHost will respond to all inquiries within 1 hour.

Refund Policy (Refund)

  1. You can do a Refund by contacting the support department team via ticket to process the refund by informing Service that will be refund, refund reason, Recipient’s Name, Account No., Bank Name.
  2. Refunds will be processed during 2x24 hours
  3. Process of refund applies only to Hosting services.
  4. You are entitled to ask for a full refund if your use of the service is still within the following 30 days, but if it passes it then there will be reduction of costs in accordance with the length of service is used which its details will be given information by IDCloudHost billing team.
  5. If performing a refund on the discount service (promo), then the refund process is performed where the user will get a refund according funds transaction after deducting the fund usage
  6. There is no refund if we terminate your hosting or other services due to policy violaton of use (Acceptable Use Policy) or any other violation of our Terms of Service at IDCloudHost.
  7. Refund decision will cause the status of your service will be suspended automatically.
  8. IDCloudHost will not give refunds to users who violate our Terms of Service.

Cancellation Policy

  1. You can decide to stop at any time. Cancellation request cannot be done over the phone. For cancellation, you must contact Customer Service that is already available on the web or send a ticket concerning cancellation of service.
  2. Notification of cancellation must be received at least ten working days before the due date to avoid the full fee for the next service period. The failure caused a cancellation invoice remains due. A cancellation request can only be registered if the account does not have overdue invoice.
  3. You are solely responsible for the use of IDCloudHost confirmation email. If you have not received a cancellation notification email, your account will remain active and you will still receive a bill.
  4. IDCloudhost reserves right to cancel the account at any time if found in violation of the user account.
  5. We are not receiving other forms of cancellation..
  6. It is your responsibility to make sure that you enter your paypal subscription has been canceled.
  7. The canceled service automatically deletes all files (including backups) on the canceled service.

Warranty Policy

The service and software are provided to you by IDCloudHost based on the principle "as-available"; IDCloudHost does not warrant that the service and the software are error-free and/or uninterrupted, or that the damage would be repaired. IDCloudHost does not guarantee the security or back-up of all your data that may be stored in the service.

Compensation Policy

You agree to use the services and IDCloudHost facilities with all possible risks arising, be borne by you. IDCloudHost not be liable for any damages, data loss including damage arising from the use IDCloudHost facilities. IDCloudHost exempt from third party claims on losses arising incurred to third parties.

Auto Cancel Policy

Auto Cancel System is a system which automatically cancelled against a bill payment. Auto Cancel system applies if:

  1. The system will automatically cancel if the new Transaction is not paid until the 30th day (starting since the invoice out)
  2. The system will automatically cancel if the previously unpaid invoices (extended) if not fully paid up to 51 days (counted since the invoice out, on day 50 will be terminated)
  3. The system will cancel the payment process so users are advised to make a reorder on IDCloudHost Transaction page

Voucher Policy

  1. Voucher codes can be used for each transaction.
  2. Voucher code valid for a specific time conditions, the price will return to normal if condition of service had expired.
  3. Voucher usage rules described in detail in the promo page with the conditions that are described therein.

Domain Payment Policy

Related to delay in domain extension exceeds the time limit of 30 days after the domain expired then there is a fine of 10 times the price of renew domain.

For domain .ID when doing domain extension after expiration or during autorenewal period can use the normal price, user is require to confirm and ensure that domain age has been actived when it was making a payment. When passing from autorenewal time period to extend the price is 300% renewal price + 1 year renewal.


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